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I'm a total BADASS in internet checkers

2008-01-16 19:41:55 by HardcoreEmoGothRebel

Seriously, I select chat options like "Are you there?" whenever my opponent takes more than 3 seconds to make a move.

And then I select "It was luck" when my opponent wins (just to show how I'm the better man)

And then I select "Nice try" and "Goodbye" whenever my opponent makes a foolish move and I get to jump several of their pieces

Sometimes I'll select things like "Nice move" when my opponent has clearly made a move that is not nice, but rather, bad. This shows that I am sarcastical

Everyone is totally intimidated by me and shit, these are just some of the examples of complex and deep conversations I have had

I'm a total BADASS in internet checkers


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2008-01-26 23:37:24


HardcoreEmoGothRebel responds:

Word out.


2008-01-27 21:50:05

hy could u rate me?
if not fuc* you
:LOL JUS kidddinggg

how d quotes wrk

HardcoreEmoGothRebel responds:

Difference is, I was kidding. I intentionally acted like that when I first signed up, because I thought people's responses were amusing.


2008-01-28 19:32:03

you suck

HardcoreEmoGothRebel responds:

That's fair enough.


2008-01-29 15:11:42

I'm on a diet now.


2008-02-01 00:13:53

Lol, havent played that game online since 5th grade!


2008-02-07 04:37:21

Nah, you're just a dick :D