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Strawberry at The Court 3 Strawberry at The Court 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this movie haz a clock init

i think

SleepEasy SleepEasy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Admittedly, this is pretty good. Random humor is rarely funny, but it managed to be so here. It's seriously refreshing to see a 'clock' flash that isn't tweened the whole time; the simplistic characters actually had some personality to them (gasp).

Actually, it's seriously refreshing to see a 'clock' flash that isn't shit considering the "everything submitted today is going to pass" nature of clock day.

Also, wasn't that music from the secret behind-the-waterfall zone in Castlevania Aria of Sorrow?

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RupeeClock responds:

Well, many clocks have put a lot of effort into today, so don't worry about that. :)

It's just everyone else looking for protect points, lol.

And no, it's not from that forbidden zone behind the waterfall, it's the chaotic realm right before you fight the final boss. ;)

50Cent: ATII80D SE 5 50Cent: ATII80D SE 5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

<i>No HTML, please.</i>

lol curtis moar like turdis

BOZARTH187 responds:


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Hippy Stoners From MaRSSS Hippy Stoners From MaRSSS

Rated 5 / 5 stars

five out of fives

omg i feel bad about my other review so im now voting 5 on this so its even

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BOZARTH187 responds:

On "D-Day", June 6, 1944, "B" Btry. lost its entire firing battery which consisted of 4 self-propelled 105 howitzers, when the landing craft (LCT) struck a floating naval mine about a mile off Utah beach. It is my understanding that it sank almost immediately with the loss of all 60 men and equipment. When I reached the beach on another landing craft and learned of the loss, I was devastated. How quickly I lost so many good friends and buddies. What a way to enter into conflict. The rest of that day draws a blank. I can't recall much of anything. I do remember being with Pfc Richard E. Showalter and T/4 George Doolittle that first night. We didn't know what was happening. Everything was very confused.

On June 7th I was reassigned. I went back to being a jeep driver for a forward Observer. That was my job through all 5 Campaigns and battles through VE-Day, May 8, 1945. These battles and campaigns included the hedgerows, Cherbourg, the St Lo breakthrough, the drive to Paris, Belgium, Siegfried Line, Hurtgen Forest, Luxembourg, the Battle of the Bulge, and the pursuit into Germany. I was with the first Americans in Paris on August 25, 1944. We supported the French 2nd Armored division in the liberation of that city. That was a most exciting day.

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Mega Man X2 - Zero's Theme v2 Mega Man X2 - Zero's Theme v2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm a I'm.

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DarKsidE555 responds: